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Natalie the Nerd

Pre Built YAP (Yet Another Poco)

Pre Built YAP (Yet Another Poco)

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A pre built YAP (Yet Another Pocket Color) board.

This board fits in a Game Boy POCKET shell

The board is hand soldered and tested by me, Natalie the Nerd.  The pre built YAP LiPo ready with a Safer Charge DC board pre installed for longer play time with a modern power circuit.

For this board you will need to supply your own shell, screen, buttons and speaker. I recommend using a Q5 OSD GBC screen.

June 11 UPDATE: There maybe be clearance issues with Q2 and the F1, F2 depending on your shell. Filing or cutting the shell in these areas solves the issue. If you use a Funny Playing shell, the cart shielding needs to be trimmed around the screw standoff.

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