Single colour GBA LED install guide

Install guide for Natalie the Nerd's single colour GBA LED board

1. Separate the boards

Carefully cut the boards along the dotted lines with a pair of scissors. Do not try to rip it with force as you may tear the boards

2.  Attach the board to the GBA 

Solder to the points circled in the image below.

Soldering to TP2, TP8 and TP9 extend the select, L and R pinouts. 

3.  Connect the two board

Attach a wire between the two pins as shown below. This powers both boards.

4.  TP2, TP8 and TP9

This helps make the installation of the FunnyPlaying IPS display easier and tidier by relocating the pads to the centre where they can be hidden.

5. Bridge pads

If you prefer to add a switch to the LEDs so you are able to turn them off, you can do so by soldering to these pads and placing the switch where you choose (preferably inside the battery area so it is hidden but easy to access).

If you do not want to add a switch, bridge the two pads. This means adding solder so they are connected

How to bridge the pads