Single colour DMG LED install guide

Install guide for Natalie the Nerd's single colour DMG LED board

1.  Placement

If you are not using the original front board for the DMG, you will need to cut the board's bottom right corner to allow for the speaker.

Note: V1 of the boards, the top left standoff hole is slightly off. It isn't an issue. It can also be cut. This standoff is for the silicon pad placement, so if it gets bent by the plastic it will have NO effect on the LEDS.

2.  Soldering wires

Wires need to be soldered to the VCC and GND pads. Using two different coloured wires helps differentiate between the two.

3.  Bridge pads​

If you are adding a switch or one of my LED control boards, you will need to solder a wire to each of the pads. 

If you do not want to add a switch, bridge the two pads. This means adding solder so they are connected

Note: the GND and VCC wires, cut them longer then needed as you can trim later. I use a connected wire for the bridge pads and trim it later so it is easier to feed through the battery slot later.

 The LED board can be taped in place with electrical tape, although it will sit in place without it due to the standoffs. 

4.  Soldering to GND and VCC

Solder the wires to the cart pins as shown bellow. The left outer pin is GND and the right outer pin is 5V. 

*LED Controls

If you are adding the LED controls, follow bellow otherwise you are done :)

Feed the wires that were connected to the bridge pads through the battery area.

Solder wires to each of the pads on the LED control board