Safer Charge DC

Installation guide for Natalie the Nerd's Safer Charge DC board for the Game Boy Color and Game Boy Pocket

Battery not included! These are the batteries you need

Battery for Pocket
102045 sized

Battery for GBC
103048 sized

For the USB trim

Shout out to Makho for these 3d printed jigs, they can be useful for this mod also

1. DC Board

Desolder the original DC board on your GBC/Pocket

2. Safer Charge Board


On the back of the board, solder a wire to "TO F1", if you are installing the board to a Color also solder a wire to "TO 5V". Make the wires 5cm long, you can shorten them later. Next:

Solder it into position using header pins.

If you are using AA/AAAs, you're done! If not:

Only complete the following steps if you are using a LiPo. 

WARNING: LiPo batteries can be very dangerous.

DO NOT use a puffy LiPo.

DO NOT puncture the LiPo or force it into the shell.

Do an internet search on "LiPo safety". I am not responsible if you blow sh*t up

3. USB C/5V

First desolder the DC Jack.

Then install the USB C port, soldering to the pads to anchor it. You will need to hold your iron there for a few seconds so the solder melts through to the motherboard

Colour USB install

Pocket install

4. To F1

This is only for LiPo installs.

Colour USB install

Pocket install