ARC DMG Install Guide

Guide on how to install Natalie the Nerd ARC DMG RGB LED board

To install the ARC DMG you will need wire. I recommend 30 AWG. Different colours will help. I personally use a 38AWG spool (you can buy this online)

1. Control board

Remove the little board with three buttons attached to the main board. This will be used to control the LED colours and brightness. You can install this where ever you want, but in this guide we will install it at the back so it is accessible via the battery bay.

2. Attach the board

Attach the board to the DMG front board using the adhesive

3. Control board

Attach the control board using adhesive underneath the cart slot. Make sure to take note of the pinouts on the control pads. Solder wires to them and take note which wire corresponds with each pad.

4. Power

Screw the back board back in place and thread the wires through the holes on each side.

Solder the ground wire of the control board to the ground pin of the cart slot.

Now solder a new wire to the ground pad, this will connect to the front board. Also solder a wire to the pad indicated by the red arrow, this will be the 5V connection for the front board.

5.  Front board

Solder all the loose wires to the corresponding pads.

Controlling the board

After putting everything back together, you can control the lights via the battery bay. You can use tweezers to reach the buttons.

A and C cycles the colours
C and B cycles the brightness
A and B saves the settings